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Nr. 11 Silicea

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English name: Silica No 12 

Pressed tablets with number 11

Minerals are the most important contructors of our cells. A deficiency of minerals int he body can cause certain diseases, but by re-introducing the lacking elements back into the diet at the correct time, normal cell function and health can be restored.

What would you prefer? To live your life in good health or poor health? Being haunted permanently one of the antibiotics ("against-life" medicine) or regardless of your age, being fit and healthy.

The choice is in your hands! Choose Health!

With our selected mineral products you and your family get the option for a healthier, fitter, and consequently a much happier and more active life, thanks to balanced combination of vital minerals which your body demands ...

A biochemical cleanser and eliminator, Silicea is part of all connective tissue cells. It promotes suppuration and the discharge of wastes, thereby often initiating the healing process by dispersing potentially harmful accumulates such as with skin eruptions and toxic blood conditions, abscesses, boils, etc. In the first stage of any swellings, Ferrum phosphoricum and Kalium muriaticum should be given, but should these tissue salts fail to check the process, Silica should be taken to ripen the abscess and promote its discharge. Silicea is also beneficial for the normal health and strength of hair and nails. It can help encourage a foreign body from the body and hence is helpful for grass seeds. It complements Calcium and in fact does the sculpting work to make sure that Calcium is laid down in the most appropriate areas (hence its role in Calcium deficiencies of the young and osteoarthritis of the old).

Silicea (No. 11)
(Silica) 12X

Silica is a component of the connective tissue, the epidermis, the mucous membrane, the hair, nails, the bones and the nerves. Silica provides the tissue with support, firmness and resistance. Its deficiency causes a worsening of the physical condition, exhaustion, malnutrotion and early aging. It is used in cases of furuncles, fistulas, glandular septicemia, calcification of the arteries, dental ulcers, sty, ganglion, itching skin and hair loss.

funktions tissue salts
tissue salt
Skin & Connective Tissue

Ingredients: Lactose (milk), silicea, magnesium-stearat, potatostarch

Supplements should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle.

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