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Nr. 2 Calcium phosphoricum D6

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English name: English name: Calc Phos No 2 :: 6x 

Pressed tablets with number 2

Minerals are the most important contructors of our cells. A deficiency of minerals int he body can cause certain diseases, but by re-introducing the lacking elements back into the diet at the correct time, normal cell function and health can be restored.

What would you prefer? To live your life in good health or poor health? Being haunted permanently one of the antibiotics ("against-life" medicine) or regardless of your age, being fit and healthy.

The choice is in your hands! Choose Health!

With our selected mineral products you and your family get the option for a healthier, fitter, and consequently a much happier and more active life, thanks to balanced combination of vital minerals which your body demands ...

Calcium phosphoricum helps building the cells, for it helps to split protein into amino acids, which are the building stones of all cell formation. It helps the build-up of blood corpuscles and may assist during teething. It also aids the prevention of muscular cramps and pain during menstruation, especially helpful for younger girls. It is beneficial for anaemia, bone diseases, constitutional weakness and ailments that prove obstinate. Calcium phosphoricum is a general nutrition tonic and often indicates that there has been defective nutrition. As this Tissue Salt assists in digestion and assimilation it is excellent after surgery when the digestive system has slowed right down. Calcium phosphoricum is also recommended for the treatment of anaemia in conjunction with Ferrum phosphoric.

Calcarea Phosphorica (No. 2)
(Calcium Phosphate) 6X

Calcium Phosphate is contained in all body cells, predominantly in bone cells. It plays the main role in all rebuilding processes that take place inside the body. Its deficiency therefore causes disorders in the restoration and construction process. The area of applicaton is: disruptions to the tooth and bone structure (infantile osteomalacia or rickets), badly healing fractures. In combination with Sodium Chloride (No. 8) it is furthermore the remedy for convalescence (recovery period after an overcome disease)...

funktions tissue salts
tissue salt
acid reflux, poles allergy

Ingredients: Lactose (milk), calcium fluoratum, magnesium-stearat, potatostarch

Supplements should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle.

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