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Nr. 6 Kalium sulfuricum D6

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English name: Kali Sulph No 7 :: 6x 

Pressed tablets with number 6

Minerals are the most important contructors of our cells. A deficiency of minerals int he body can cause certain diseases, but by re-introducing the lacking elements back into the diet at the correct time, normal cell function and health can be restored.

What would you prefer? To live your life in good health or poor health? Being haunted permanently one of the antibiotics ("against-life" medicine) or regardless of your age, being fit and healthy.

The choice is in your hands! Choose Health!

With our selected mineral products you and your family get the option for a healthier, fitter, and consequently a much happier and more active life, thanks to balanced combination of vital minerals which your body demands ...

Kalium sulfuricum works in conjunction with Ferrum phosphoricum, as an oxygen carrier and has a beneficial effect on respiratory and circulatory functions. It is also useful for the skin and minor eruptions with scaling or sticky exudation such as with dandruff, chicken pox, etc. Kalium sulfuricum may also give relief from catarrhal problems associated with yellowish or greenish discharge (mucous membranes of the nose or vagina). A deficiency of Kalium sulfuricum causes a lack of oxygen leading to chilliness flashes of heat and shifting pains in the limbs. It is valuable in the treatment of Psoriasis, Athletes foot and brittle nails.

Often used towards the end of a cold, when the discharge is profuse and frequent. It is sometimes beneficial for shifting acute rheumatic pains. It opens the pores of the skin, brings blood to the surface and promotes perspiration. For this reason it is often beneficial in alternation with Ferrum phosphoricum for fever, when the temperature rises in the evening.

Kali(um) Sulphuricum (No. 6)
(Potassium Sulphate) 6X

Potassium Sulphate is contained in the epedermic cells and in the muscles, usually together with iron. Its deficiency causes repulsions of cells and skin. Its deficiency causes repulsions of cells and skin. Potassium Sulfate is the remedy for the third stage of inflammation, catarrhs with yellowish mucous secretion for example, rhinitis (yellowish secretion) and discharge from the ear, it also promotes the scaling of the skin following measles, scarlet fever and rubella.

funktions tissue salts
tissue salt

Ingredients: Lactose (milk), kaium sulphate, magnesium-stearat, potatostarch

Supplements should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle.

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