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Nr. 9 Natrium phosphoricum D6 250 gram

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English name: Nat Phos No 10 :: 6x 

Pressed tablets with number 9

Minerals are the most important contructors of our cells. A deficiency of minerals int he body can cause certain diseases, but by re-introducing the lacking elements back into the diet at the correct time, normal cell function and health can be restored.

What would you prefer? To live your life in good health or poor health? Being haunted permanently one of the antibiotics ("against-life" medicine) or regardless of your age, being fit and healthy.

The choice is in your hands! Choose Health!

With our selected mineral products you and your family get the option for a healthier, fitter, and consequently a much happier and more active life, thanks to balanced combination of vital minerals which your body demands ...

Natrium phosphoricum helps maintain the alkalinity of the blood, emulsifies fatty acids and keeps uric acid soluble in the blood. Thus, Natrium phosphoricum may help also young children who have been fed too much sugar and are suffering from an acid condition of the system. It also aids the temporary relief of gastric indigestion, dyspepsia, heartburn and intestinal worms.

A constituent of blood, muscle, nerve, brain cells and the fluid between cells. Natrium phosphoricum is needed in all complaints related to hyper-acidity. Also regulates bile. Use to treat gastric reflux or indigestion, all types of inflammation particularly relating to gout or rheumatism, burning with diarrhoea and stinging vaginal discharge.

Natrum Phosphoricum (No. 9)
(Sodium Phosphate) 6X

Sodium Phosphate is a component of the blood cells, the muscles, the nerve and brain cells as well as the tissue fluid. Dr. Schuessler considered this mineral as very important: in the carbonic acid exchange function of the blood inside the lungs, in making uric acid soluble in the blood, in the process of breaking down fatty acids after consuming too much fat and in the excessive production of lactic acid. It is furthermore the remedy in cases of rheumatism, sciatica, kidney infections and after consuming high-fat foods.

funktions tissue salts
tissue salt
acid reflux

Ingredients: Lactose (milk), sodium phosphate, magnesium-stearat, potatostarch

Supplements should not be regarded as a substitute for a varied diet or healthy lifestyle.

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