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Sport & Fitness

Details and more infos :: which salt? what is it good for?

Nr. 2 Calcium phosphoricum D6 - Cardiovascular (eg, pulse) and joint support
Nr. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum D12 - an increased amount of blood or blood. oxygen supply, muscle, band and joint problems
Nr. 5 Potassium phosphoricum D6 - Increased, for satisfactory cardiovascular functioning
Nr. 7 Magnesium phosphoricum D6 - for normal nervous muscle and heart function
Nr. 11 Silicea D12 - For stronger connective tissue degradation and selection
Nr. 17 Manganum sulfuricum D6 - Increased blood or blood pressure. for oxygen supply
Nr. 21 Zincum chloratum D6 - for perfect support for enzymatic processes, regulating cell growth
Nr. 26 Selenium D6 - regulates cell growth, promotes faster rehabilitation